Say Goodbye to this page, restyling

Thanks for checking out my website. If you are here, you are either my family, or a prospective employer. This is the site I have owned for over a year, and upon which I have spent a great deal of time practicing. This incarnation is in Bootstrap, but I have used Foundation as well.

I enjoy writing the content as much as the code, and try to keep both as crisp and DRY as I can. I believe a UX is enhanced with effective simplicity. I made most of the site below about 6 months ago, fresh after completing my Treehouse Courses.

smiling Jack

Working Hard!

Images should capture the imagination!

The images will have as much impact as the words on your site. Images that pair well with your business, product, or service should create a positive impression

Creating a positive experience for your customer/user is essential in generating return traffic. Frustration with a website can severely curtail such traffic. Be certain your site reflects your commitment to the end user.

boats in sunset
© 2015 Jon Benson

Relaxation, summer, good times. Now for some food.

But what about content!

A beautiful, but forgettable page will not help your business. Can your customers find their "menu"?

Is your address easy to find? Are your directions readable? Did you say to your potential customer "How can I help you?"? The beauty of a website is the ability to change, while maintaining a structural integrity. Small adjustments can make larger than scale responses. What to include, what to exclude can be challenging.

Should your menu specials be highlighted? Calorie counts? Pictures next to the items? What happens when "this doesn't look like the picture?"

seafood risotto
© 2015 Jon Benson/John Baldasarre

Seafood Risotto with green peas. Thanks to PanaPesca Seafood!
pana pesca seafood logo

Solutions designed for you

Some may be elegant, others hopelessly boring, but necessary. Developing a website that best suits your business may require more than a Wordpress site can provide. So when you are considering advancing your WWW presence, you could do worse than me!!! Seriously!

Pride in workmanship should exist, whether one works with wood or computers, food or cars. Find out how a skilled professional can bring your Web hopes to fruition.

Now that I've convinced you, it's time to relax!

cheese plate and beer
© 2014 Jon Benson

Nothing beats Oktoberfest at Mt. Angel! But I didn't make it, so this is from the Spring sausagefest I attended at the same place. I beat the crowds by months.

Experiment Page

This is where I will design my latest pages. Or test out existing ones.