Dedicated to Uncle Rick, Who We Love!! Now stay healthy, we won't let you use the same excuse again.

And as for that LADIG, that missing one... We can't technically turn you in on child abuse charges (we looked into it), but dressing that beautiful girl of yours in Ughles' colors??? Well we have a little something right here for you... For Peter

In the beginning, there was Municipal Stadium. And God said, "It's good...Hmmm. Well, good enough for Cleveland"

Last Game, 1995

municipal stadium

So the Benson's attended. Time and time again, we attended. If we didn't attend, we paid attention. Paid Dearly, is what that was. The years grew long, and we attended. The Interception that prevented us from going to the SiperBowl. The Drive (I hate you John Elway), The Fumble, no matter, we attended. Shortly before the Dark Ages, when Modell abandoned his faithful tribe, things were different. Much different.

horseface John Elway, 1990

The air smelled dirtier, the Flats were recently renovated and hopping. Hell, Tito Puente was playing in the Flats!!Tito Puente Meanwhile, at Municipal, things were timeless. The seats were lousy, the views, often shitty. The bathrooms, well, you know the proverb about how only fools go where angels fear to tread, right? That refers to the bathrooms, where people went everywhere, and it wasn't only angels who feared treading. cleveland cans
Yet it was the early nineties, and we were only two years removed from the last championship game.

And so it was, that Uncle Herb, and Uncle John Fahnert, set about arranging for Scott and I to attend a Browns Game when we got out of college. Then more games were attended, good times were had. In the following years before we lost Uncle Herb, we did our best to get back at least every other year. Then more years happened.

That was then, this is now

No Tito Puente anymore. He passed in 2000, but the Hapsburg Browns made their return to Cleveland in 1999. The Benson's stayed loyal. We are used to having things we love stolen from us. But we will never lose our will. There is a reason why the Browns name remained in Cleveland. It's our hereditary land!!! If you do not know Tito Puente, or the Hapsburg Dynasty , well, I'm sorry. Do some extra credit!

So I said to Nathan, "I never do anything for my birthday, and haven't for the past many years. Let's go back and see the Browns." Little simple birthday celebration for myself, Nate and Bryce.

first energy fieldLet the new times roll....


So, plans were hatched, and this little pupae of a birthday plan morphed into the beautiful butterfly of Benson Browns Weekend (take that, alliteration). The West Coast Bensons returned to the Midwest, where they were met and welcomed by East Coast and Midwest Bensons with a warmth that explains why time never seems to pass since we last met. Cousins, family, Ohio in its fall glory. Herding cats is what it was.

Facebook can steal the thunder, as so many pictures can be put up almost instantaneously. But this is my webpage. Which means everything on it is undeniably true, because it is on the Web. Also, it remains here as long as I decide. So I want to put up some pictures. The thing is, I didn't take that many. Oops. This was mostly just to make Uncle Rick laugh. Oh, and to shame Peter. Here's to everyone, and hope to do it again...Playoff time....