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About Jon

I was raised in Ohio and Oregon before attending the University of Chicago, graduating in 1987. Years working in psychology and reproductive health were followed in 1995 by Culinary School. Many more years working as a chef ended after knee surgery left me a little wobbly.

The human mind has given us the ability to adapt to almost every situation, so that is what I did. I enjoy learning new skills, new facts, new methods. I studied to be a web developer, and not only do I really enjoy it, but I'm also pretty good at it. I quite enjoy the creativity, discipline, and required attention to detail. This is a constantly changing field, requiring dedication, practice and precision (well, that's what my career advisors say).

I also enjoy reading, history, culinary arts, gardening, fishing, golfing and other activities. I am well versed in global issues, due in part to my international outlook. I could go on about me, but "tooting my own horn" is not my style.